All of these articles link to the Myositis Support Group Website

Myositis Overview: What Happens and What Can Be Done from  Lawrence J. Kagen, MD Attending Rheumatologist, Hospital for Special Surgery and Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College.

The following articles are adapted from open discussions by members of the Myositis Support Group of Hospital for Special Surgery  - Angela Hunter, LMSW  Myositis Support Group Coordinator.

Coping with Stress When Living with Myositis

Maintaining a Positive Outlook When Coping with Myositis

Coping with the Emotional Impact of Rheumatic Disease

Coping With the Visible and Invisible Symptoms of Myositis

Hydrotherapy and why it helps myositis


Illustration of facial musculature from J.M. Bourgery and N.H. Jacob, Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery, (1854).
Image in public domain.
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