About Us

I am a mother of 5 who lives in Sydney,  Australia. I live in a beautiful home overlooking the river with my husband and three of my children.
I was diagnosed with Hashmoto's thyroidosis (low thyroid function) a long while ago and have been taking thyroid replacement medication for years.
I also have Von Willebrand's which is a mild and fluctuating blood condition with long bleeding time.
I have not been well since 1999 when I noticed muscles in my legs would not relax. I have had many tests and been to many specialists over the years. I was finally diagnosed with "inflammatory myositis" in May 2010 from a muscle biopsy. It explains many of my symptoms - pain in arms and legs, weakness in many daily tasks such as chopping veges and climbing stairs, swollen muscles in thighs and upper arms, sore neck, sore shoulders, difficulty swallowing sometimes for no obvious reason.
I can be contacted through my blog it's myositis by posting a comment on the latest rave. Thanks.
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Don't I live in a beautiful place!
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